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Hunter Heritage Network’s position on the proposed removal of Wambo from SHR

The HHN is opposed to the removal of Wambo Homestead from the State Heritage Register. The owner of the item, Peabody Coal, has made an application to the NSW Heritage Council pursuant to Section 38 of the Heritage Act that the complex be removed. Peabody Coal’s central argument is that long-term conservation is unecessary, and that the Company, which  happens to be a large publicly listed mining company, faces financial hardship if it is not removed.

We hold that removing the 1830s Wambo complex from the SHR on the basis of finanical hardship threatens the integrity of the State Heritage Register and the Heritage Act. The Network is concerned that it sets a worrying precedent as all owners of heritage items would be entitled to claim finanical hardship in the form of foregone development opportunities.

To read our  Submission on Wambo Homestead 091110, please click here.

You can also read the exhibition documents and other reports relating to the proposal at the Heritage Branch website. 

Sarah Cameron